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It has been a while since I’ve posted something due to the whole University shiznits.

But now, since it is FINALLY SUMMER [cue in hipster summer playlist] lets me kick off with my Melbourne trip that I had DURING FINALS WEEK. I simply had to go since the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival was going on and I was lucky to come with the Center For Culinary Arts, Manila (CCA, Manila) to represent the Philippines during the festival. I have taken Australian Studies a semester ago in UA&P and found myself wonderfully lost in the pages of my readings.


Just that. Melbourne.

No words can express how much I love and treasure this city, more than Singapore [and that means a lot coming from me].

How cultural and artistic this city is, filled with starving artists and foodies. Almost every culture is in this city, from Chinese, Greek, British, Indian, you name it, they have it. All tucked into their own communities inside the city premises. This why perhaps, the city has this certain liveliness and passion lurking in its streets; from architecture to kiosks to trams, just roaming around the city is a pleasure for any wanderlust bug.


There’s so much to absorb in this city, so much art, so much food, people, history, culture all packed in the numerous alley ways it has. To everyone residing in Melbourne, I am beyond jealous of the city you call home.

For the next coming days, expect nothing more than posts about this glorious city, travel guides, my experience, must trys, etc.

’till next.

xo, littleteacups.


3 replies to “Melbourne.

  1. hi there! I am loving your recent posts!!!
    I’ve been bitten by a travel bug, any cures? just kidding! 🙂

    i’ve also blogged about being infected by it, here’s the link to my recent post

    what do you usually feel when you’re about to jet-off?
    do you hate airports and airplanes?

    hope to hear from you soon!

    Deanna ( )


    1. Hi Deanna!
      Sorry to get back to you so late but many thanks! It’s great to know someone out there understands and appreciates my blog and you’re not doing so bad yourself! Well, I don’t think we wanderlusts will ever be cured! Hahahaha. Also, I have read and I loved your post, I totally relate 🙂

      I love the feeling of being torn between staying in one place and leaving it for a new one, something only a jet-off can make you feel. And no, I do not hate airplanes and airports, even if we from the country labeled to have the worst airport in the world (NAIA isn’t that bad, it’s just old but the humble size compensates its purpose for those with connecting flights, haha). I love airports, seeing people of different cultures come together in one place, each one traveling for a different purpose is just amazing! All the more when you talk to them-I do so occasionally and get to meet the most interesting people!

      It;s great to meet a fellow wanderer! Let’s keep in touch and talk about each other’s adventures!


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