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Philosophy: one of the many reasons why.

Philosophy: one of the many reasons why. From a college student, a Catholic college student.


I love philosophy for many reasons but this post will only tackle one.

I’ll go straight to the point, you need Philosophy to understand Christianity. And obviously, disclaimer alert: This is a relatively religious post but all religions are open and this is mostly recommended for human beings, cats are optional.


I wasn’t the religious type before, I’ll admit that. I was agnostic at one point of my life, a point that I’m not completely happy about but am still proud about because it reminds me that I was and am still human and that I needed/am always in need of some improvements in my life.

Philosophy has helped me so much to be a better person, a better human being. It taught me to be a human being that is actually trying to be a human being not only is a human being.

Philosophy was the best way for me to understand God. Let’s just say that I only fully understood Christianity when I understood Philosophy.

It’s because Philosophy, no matter how complex of a subject, can be comprehended by the brain and can be comprehended by the brain. It’s so much more easier to understand Philosophy because it talks about humans, people, us as us, man as man. Why we do what we do to what we’re supposed to do. Sure, some people can have a hard time to grasp the ideas but people at some point know these things because you need logic for it, something we all have (but not always use).


 It’s easier to understand than to understand Christianity because Christianity needs a little faith, something not everyone is blessed with. Faith, as one of my professors and spiritual directors told me, is a gift. Believing in God is a gift and again, not everyone is given that gift but one can at least try to seek for it.


Philosophy, I believe is one of the mediums that will guide you to it. Because they are practically the same, the other just requires a little bit of a boost from another Force. All Catholic teaching is supposed to be universal (Catholic is the latin root of the word universal), it’s for all. Then all the more is Philosophy, something that would require just the rationality and thinking skills of a person and not anything more than that. But, if Philosophy is taken into oneself, you just might find yourself in the Church.

But then again, I do respect that some aren’t open to this idea because as I’ve said, Believing is a gift. That’s why I think people need Philosophy; to make people believe in the good, the capacity of the good, the capacity in themselves to carry out a goodness, not even The Goodness that one might have some difficulty understanding. 


Bottom line? Philosophy can guide you to a better path or The Path 😉




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