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Flight for One

I have just recently decided a few weeks ago that that traveling will be my life project. I am deeply interested in cultures and exploring but for some reason I am in love with airplanes above all things. I’ll be blunt why. I think it’s a way of cheating God. It’s man’s way of cheating his way into heaven. A heaven depicted to be found in the skies and is not.


But I’m not here to talk about heaven. At least not yet.


I’m here to talk about airplanes.


My love for airplanes rather, this undying fascination with airplanes began since I knew when.


I have always been amazed on how they defy gravity. They take you away. They take you far, far away.


And I think this is one of the reasons why I’m so in love with them. It’s the concept of running away, moving on, taking off. From the old to the new. The past to the now. The land to the sky. Yes, clichés. I forgot to warn you about those, you’ll see a lot as you read on.


It’s not like taking a long bus ride or taking a long boat ride; a flight, no matter how short will always be different. Because the airplane takes you up somewhere.  Somewhere you don’t always see. Somewhere you only imagine. Somewhere where going is a deeper journey than one on land or sea.


We have our feet to walk and limbs capable of swimming but do we have wings to fly?


 We can’t do that, we can’t fly. But airplanes can. They are the perfect cheat to nature who says we can’t fly. I have once claimed that airplanes are as if cheating G/god, that people suddenly found a way to see the heavens like the Tower of Babel. But I later on saw how much of a contradiction that was, some Christians will understand why.


Of all the things in the world, the last thing I would want to be ruined would be the sky. The sky that never seems to be contented with its beauty to change in a daily routine. Day, night, day, night, day, night. Light, stars, clouds, stars, sunsets, stars, sunrises, rain. Something you look up to when you’re on land and something you’re part of when you fly.


 I know I couldn’t touch the sky but seeing it is enough.


That’s why I wonder sometimes on people I see on a plane with me. They always close the windows. Regardless if they’re businessmen who always ride planes, why close the window? Personally, even if I have ridden in multiple flights already, it’s always different. The sky always looks different and it never fails to be not beautiful. So many miss this piece of art that artists mediocrely always try to imitate. It’s such a waste of a plane ticket to not look out and yet another to not be amazed. I guess it goes back to my theory that people have forgotten to try to look for real beauty in a world filled of it’s imitations (a.k.a Pop Culture of many others). Or people have simply forgotten what beauty is. Or worse, people have stopped the pursuit to look for it.

But that deserves another post.

I guess another reason would be one of my greatest theories,  that man likes to be at the brink of falling. In an airplane, I always tell myself that the chances of having a hole underneath my seat would be most unlikely but that’s how it is. Given that you’re riding a plane, you only have about one floor of luggage in between you and falling. I love that feeling because even if I know I can fall, I know I wouldn’t fall. It’s exciting but calm.


 I don’t know how I could stress how amazing it is for me to ride airplanes and my undying fascination with them. But for now, this is all I have to share.


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