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Flight for one.

I knew I had it but nowadays the itch has been out of hand lately. I think about it all the time and the thought of it simply places a smile on my face and even tickles (cheesy part alert) my heart.

I’ll go ahead and place a disclaimer before you read on, this is about wanderlust and how I finally understood why they call it wander-lust. Lust, by definition is not limited to what you are thinking of right now, it’s about desire. A want, a craving, an intense want for something that you see or perceive is good for you or at least perceive that something in it to be good for you.

That desire for me, is to travel. Getting lost, having fun, knowing about a culture, exploring the world, meeting people, seeing beauty in the most unexpected places. That is what I crave for and what I know and believe I will continue to be craving for until I catch my final breath. And that’s what makes the feeling amazing, you know that you want this, you know it’s something you have to do for yourself because you know that when you do it, you’ll be happy and being happy is one of the few things you can owe to yourself.

Just look at it this way, if people are addicted to cigarettes, to alcohol, to shopping, to drugs, to chocolate, to love, to whatever it is; mine happens to be travelling. But, I would not like to say that it’s an addiction and it is not. It’s a desire, an aspiration, a yearning… Okay… maybe it is an addiction for me. But it can only go as far as mental addiction as I don’t really travel that much but I would like to. Lets just say that the lines for it being an addiction for me is still blurry and no way in the world would I like it to turn into an addiction because the moment it does, is the moment I no longer see the beauty in it. Love (in general) has to e taken in moderation because if not, it can cease to be good in either object or intention. But… that is veering away too far from my point.

For now, we call it wanderlust: the itch.

I’ve never really understood how much of a “lust” this was until a few days ago. I won’t say that it’s not a pretty feeling or is it any pretty. No, it’s a poetic feeling or should I say state. Since feelings come and go and wanderlust is more of a thing that will stay with you forever and I say that with the utmost trust and sincerity.

I know I need to do this by gut instinct, I know.

A lot people I know who are committed to God tell me that they are who they are because “they just know”. “It just comes to you” some of them would say. I’ve always thought that these people were crazy. I told myself one time when I was talking to one of them, “You can’t just know! That’s impossible. It cannot just come to you like a lightbulb moment, it can’t.” Needless to say, I was wrong. I does come to you and I know I do risk sounding like a crazy, trying too hard, exaggerated person here but, you do. You just know. I’d say it’s cheesy (because it is) but it’s almost like a calling that you just know. But this is not to neglect any of my beliefs towards God. It’s more of a calling I could sense that He gave for me. It’s almost as if I know that this is what I’m supposed to go, next to being a good child of God. Okay, let’s not be too religious about this, I’ll keep that to myself. But my point here is that I know it’s what I have to do. This is what I want more than anything in the world and please tell me that someone feels the same way so I relatively sound sane right now.

I am in love with it. I love it more than anything in the world. Going to the airport, waiting to check in your baggage, checking in hotels, seeing sights, eating something you regret buying, getting lost, sleeping tired as a dog, waking up the next morning to see more of a place you’ve never been in and doing the same cycle for about 3-6 more days then flying back home. This for me, is the best love story one can write about. It’s not about two people but it’s about you and another culture, another place that doesn’t love you back, it doesn’t need to. It’s one of the few things that don’t need to love you back. Because it’s about getting lost and falling in love it.

Travelling is an art form, almost like theatre but maybe a million light-years better. When I say art, I mean beauty held to the highest standard possible. And this is not about esthetics or paintings or sculptures, it’s about people and the world.

No artist can imitate the art of traveling. The beauty it has in it, the levels of happiness it can offer you, the experience… If one artist does try to imitate it, how mediocre that piece will be. How ambitious will that artist be to try to imitate something that people need to know and experience for themselves to understand it’s beauty. If this artist even tries, how much of a failure and waste will that effort be.

You have no idea how much I wish I wasn’t here right now. I wish I was far, far, far away. Not because I hate where I am but because I want to travel. I want to get lost, experience things, ride a plane, pack my bags and finally say LIVE. So that i can finally say I’m alive ad I;m lving, not just existing. Amazing how this itch feels like, it’s annoying but I have to live with it and (God, help me on this one) control it.


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