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Mistakes are Bloopers

We will always be subject to mistakes, some more often than others. Some mistakes, also, more often than others and some have more aftermath than others.


If you have been following my blog, you will notice that I made one mistake in one of my wordy posts, a misspelling on a simple word. I will admit, I’m no good in spelling. I love the language but I hate spelling. Go ahead and look for it if ou want to and laugh, I don’t mind… Anymore. 🙂


Let’s get at it, we make mistakes. We all do.


And, I’m a girl and I overthink. A lot.


Personally, mistakes make this annoying pain in my head. Much like a nail being smashed into my head but it’s pain is piercing and stirring like a needle. A very thin, piercing needle. Or, simply imaging the sound of nails along a chalkboard. That pain you feel at the top back of your head? Yes, that is the pain I feel when I make a mistake.


I hope I’m not the only one who thinks she’ll have brain cancer with all this over thinking and overstressing. I bet I’m not.


I like things right, not perfection. Just right. But, mistakes are not a option for me.


But, as I have realized, we are subject to mistakes. Why? I don’t know either. We simply are.


So, for those who do not want to make a mistake, don’t even try. You’re already making a mistake for doing so.


So how do we go about this?


Avoid making a mistake but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to make one nor doesn’t mean you’re entitled to one.


Look at it this way, (as seen in my newly made picture. THAT has no typoes)




And just like blooper reels in the movies, learn to laugh at them. Because they are.

You can’t take back something you’ve already done, you can correct it’s aftermath or try to fix the damage it has done but sometimes we get so caught up and just feel so bad about them that we let our lives stop there. Or some, like me, have that piercing pain in our head when we think about it.


Solution? Just don’t think about it. Or just laugh and move on. Again, like the bloopers in movies, we can always give ourselves another chance to re-take it, to make it better, to learn from them. If we don’t have a second chance to retake it, then move to another scene and take it from there. There’s no point in trying to fix something you can’t.


What have I learned from the past week?


My life will have a hilarious blooper reel when my credits begin to roll.


How about yours?

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