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Dear Philippine Comedy Movies,

As I was doing my usual routine of taking the bus going home, I was faced with a very interesting observation. It’s usual to see a variety of movies being played in the bus however; this particular movie caught my eye. It was a local comedy about a legitimate doctor and a self-proclaimed medicinal healer.


They were throwing low and scripted jokes that maybe only a baby would laugh at. I was thinking that perhaps the people who wrote those jokes were probably in deep desperation to make people laugh to the point that they even resulted to poop jokes. Yes, poop jokes that were spread throughout the movie for about 30 minutes.


 As I was watching, I asked myself: WHO WOULD BUY THIS?!


As I looked around, no one was laughing nor was anyone smiling, they were all just watching perhaps for the sake of boredom. But still, I did consider the fact that some were probably laughing on the inside. But then again, I thought that perhaps it’s just not my brand of happiness (I shall tackle this theory on people’s brand of happiness some other time soon).


Old man who has a name in the industry + Pretty girl who is a newbie in the industry = Pinoy comedy film.



Or maybe some local comdeians all mashed in one movie makes a movie. This reminds me so much of the elections and how people in the movie industry bank on the same thing as our government officials, their names. Oh, Philippines…


I know these comedians and actors are funny outside of the movie, I’ve seen it. But how do they turn so stiff and fake in movies? I mean, how do you expect an audience to believe your jokes if the actors themselves don’t?


Perhaps that is why most of the local youth today would rather opt for international movies may they be comedy or not. I personally don’t want to blame anyone for the bad outcome of these movies or maybe the better term would be disappointing, because I believe that our local industry has so much potential than this, more than just making poop jokes. Or maybe slapstick comedy, sure, Dolphy was good at it but haven’t they considered that comedy might be and should be dynamic?


Now, contrary to what you might be thinking, that I completely hate local movies; I don’t. I do appreciate local movies but it’s just really disappointing to have these specific types of media products from the country. Especially the ones that follow the old man + pretty girl formula or the really stiff acting and the overused jokes or the actors who simply bank on the security of their name, a name that was known back then for a reason that was now lost.


Philippine movie industry, I look forward to better days… without poop jokes. 

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