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A Simple Reason Why

I have been receiving numerous questions from people upon my intentions for writing. I believe it’s about time to set the score right.


Four years ago, I would say that I write for the sake of sake of self-expression. I probably still do but not as much anymore because that would be selfish. Despite being a self-acclaimed artist, I believe that being an artist is more than just mere self-expression, it’s more than I write this because I feel like it, I write this because I need to vent it out I write this because I need to release it from my system and so on. Being a writer, being a good writer, means more than that as an intention.


About three to two years ago, I would have answered: for the sake of telling a story, a story people will pass on through generations. Yes, I do intend to write a story that would last forever, or in Sir Joachim Antonio’s terms, a story to immortalize one’s name in this world. But as of now, I would say immortality is only third to my list of reasons why.


A year ago with one of the closest professors I have in my University, Mr. Victor Primo, I would have said to inform. Yes, I write to inform. To teach something new or teach something old and forgotten. I still do, but still not my main reason.


Right now, my two reasons would be simple but risky.


First, it would simply be to be read and to be understood. Read by someone out there, human or not. Writers always write to be read and other purposes would be personal agendas but if it is anything at all, writers write to be read. It’s simple, that’s all I ask. To be read. I do not expect to be adored, loved, hailed, praised or honored for my writing. I just want people to read and understand not even who I am, but the concepts in my mind. The things I realize randomly and regularly and that perhaps, by chance, you have something to say about it to for verification, clarification or simply to feel like someone understands them out there.


Secondly, and the most important of all my reasons for writing? To give you an EXPERIENCE. My literature professor (or if I can say, my writing mentor), Sir Joachim Antonio taught me this very important concept. That I should write to make people experience what I did without having them (or, you, in this case) go through it. To be able to shoot something in your heart without you noticing it. And if I’m lucky, teach you something in the process or if I’m even luckier, save you from making the same mistake as I did. This is my main reason for writing, to make you FEEL. To make you undergo the same happiness, sadness, hopelessness, hate, love, adoration, disgust, cluelessness and every emotion I’ve been through and solely with the use of words. It’s a small job, but it is just as important as any job out there.  


For my motivations? It’s simple, it’s you.


This is to everyone curious on why I write and everyone questioning my intentions. To all my fellow writers, may you be a legitimate one or imaginary one (like me) and to you. The person who took time to read up to this last period. 

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