Although I look forward to sharing my insights to you *whoever you are* I also look forward to the day I will laugh and regret writing these posts and how bad they will sound 10 years from now.  However, what matters right now, is NOW. In the past few years, I have forgotten why I fell in love with writing and why I even believed on taking it as my career path when I was in High School. Perhaps it was college and how it has consumed all of my time; and that consumption will be one side of this haven you have chosen to stumble upon, thus, brace yourself for that side. Or perhaps it was the responsibility that came with a blog, a diary, a website? Give me time to think on what I should call this. Or perhaps, something else. But even so, the point is: I’m back and back for good.

Although my life mantra is “Happiness. Always aim for happiness“, I cannot assure that the insights will be purely happy but neither will they be pessimistic. 

I hope that there be no expectations for this as my thought trail as a writer usually tends to get scattered but relevant. Think of it as a Pollock, scattered paint splatters but of the same theme.

I wish and hope to never give you false or sour journalism at least once a week… Twice or once every two weeks, depending on my availability or depending on how worth my ideas are to be posted. I believe in this saying my professor in Philosophical Anthropology taught me:

“Everyone is entitled to an opinion but does that mean everyone should have an opinion on everything?” (Dionisio, 2012).

Which brings me to my next point: I hope this “blog” will give you a glimpse of how UA&P is, at least in my shoes.

Lastly, feedback is not welcome but rather, encouraged. The last thing I would want is to make this into a self-conversation. Although, at the moment, it is. But even so, talk to me.

And with that note, care to read a few insights with me?

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